Detailed Hand Statues

Make Milestone Moments Last Forever

Mindfulness can be an extremely grand subject but on the other hand it's very basic, it is basically, memory.

Welcome to the Tenee Casting studio

Create a highly detailed, life-sized, hand sculpture to capture a special moment in time with your loved ones. Let your imagination run wild and create unexpected images with basic hand shapes. Unleash your creativity by taking our hand castings to the next level.

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Tenee Casting Product

Couple Hand Casting Kit


The ultimate romantic valentines gift, a valentines activity you can enjoy together that can last a lifetime. Treat your partner to this thoughtful gift.

Package Include: Instructions, Bucket, Step 1 molding powder, Step 2 casting stone, 2 sandpapers, 2 cleaning tools, 2 kraft cards, Scraper, Card stand, Wood base.

This couple hand casting kit suit for the following types:

  • 2 Adult Hands
  • 1 Extra Large Adult Hand
  • 2 Adults + 1 Children (Ages 10 and under)
  • 3-4 Children under age 12

What Others Say

"I purchased the Casting Kit for our 24th Wedding Anniversary! It was easy to use. We kept some of the imperfections because it solidifies our marriage. It is imperfect perfection."
- Matthew Cook
"This was amazing and fun! I made one cast with each of my kiddos. They are each so awesome! They are pricy but I will keep them forever and would buy again!"
- Joseph Gilyard
"This is an awesome product! My wife an I did this for Christmas and we loved it. The detail was so much more than I expected. It makes a wonderful keepsake!"
- Troy Moppin

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Jack & Lucy

Jack & Lucy